When Justin Bieber came out with the infectious 'As Long As You Love Me' in 2012, we thought the title sounded a little familiar: That's because the Backstreet Boys had a hit by the same name in 1997. Bieber's song is more upbeat and dance-heavy, while BSB went with a love ballad for the original. Whose 'As Long as You Love Me' is better?

Justin Bieber's 'As Long as You Love Me' is one of the singer's best songs. It combines his dreamy, falsetto voice with a dubstep beat that makes the track upbeat, catchy and something you can easily dance along to. The hit was a huge success for the singer, and it went 2-times platinum in the U.S. Even though the song is already two years old (and hey, that's a while ago in this fast-paced, internet-age!) we still can't stop singing it.

Backstreet Boys get props for being the first to claim the song's title. It was one of the boy band's first hits (scoring in the Top 10 across several charts) and is now one of their signature songs. BSB's 'ALAYLM' is more melodic and ballad-like -- almost like a sweet ode. Though both tunes have similar meanings, the Backstreet Boys' song is more about them willing to do whatever they can to please the woman in the tune, just as long as she stays by the guys' side.

Which version of 'As Long as You Love Me' is your favorite? Vote below!

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