We've already asked for all of the Directioners and Beliebers out there to vote for either Harry Styles or Justin Bieber for the best boyfriend candidate, and now another One Direction dude is going to take on the Biebs for the same title.

Zayn Malik and Justin Bieber both have girlfriends right now, but in a hypothetical fantasy world where you could make the 1D guy or the Biebs your man (Or should we say man-boys? They're both so young still!), who would you choose?

While Selena Gomez and Little Mix songstress Perrie Edwards might hold the hearts of Bieber and Malik, respectively, as of right now, these two guys are still technically eligible bachelors. And even though there's probably a lot of Beliebers and Directioners who aren't too fond of their famous GFs, Bieber and Malik have proven that they can be charming, sweet and caring with their highly-publicized relationships. Both love to spoil their ladies, and with their good looks (and Malik's awesome accent) and cute personalities, millions of girls would jump at the chance to date them for even just one night.

So, who would you pick to be your BF if you had the choice between Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik of One Direction? Cast your vote below!