Justin Bieber's relentless promo for his upcoming single "What Do You Mean?" continued in a brand new way yesterday (August 19), when he direct messaged the song's lyrics to his most devoted Beliebers on Twitter.

The track has been painstakingly teased over the past few weeks in the form of various celebrity cameos -- from Fifth Harmony and Little Mix to Hilary Duff, Ed Sheeran and Shaq -- hosted on Justin's Instagram page. Each day, a new celeb (or two) holds up a sign indicating how far away the single's release is.

But Justin switched gears yesterday, choosing to send individual lines from the single to fans via Twitter DM. Shortly before embarking on his 49 DM journey, he tweeted, “check ur dms and the time on the clock ;) put it together. #whatdoyoumean.”

True to his word, Justin made his fans do the bulk of the work, choosing Beliebers seemingly at random to send such holy grail information to. After 49 users shared the images with the rest of Twitter, one fan compiled all the lyrics together — presumably in the correct order — and posted it on Instagram. You can check out the full list of lyrics (along with their timestamps) below.

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest late last month, Justin revealed the inspiration behind the track, saying, "Girls are often flip-floppy. They say something, and then they mean something else. ‘What do you mean?…I don’t really know, that’s why I’m asking.”

"What Do You Mean?" is the lead single off Justin's upcoming fourth studio album, and it's set to drop on August 28.

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