Beliebers are an army, one that will come together, rally, divide, conquer and disperse as needed for Justin Bieber. The singer's dedicated legion of fans helped him snare not one, not two, not three, not four, but five PopCrush Music Awards for 2012. The Biebs won more awards than any other artist in the polls this year, as his fans showed up to support him and vote.

In essence, The Biebs was the untouchable champion of our annual PopCrush Music Awards. And for that, he deserves a hearty congrats.

2012 was a pivotal year for the singer, as he released 'Believe.' It was a critical album in his catalog, since his voice was changing and he was getting older, developing his style beyond the standard issue teen pop. While he was snubbed by the Grammys, the album was adored by his fans and the voters for PopCrush Music Awards.

Biebs nabbed the PopCrush Music Awards 'Album of the Year' honor for 'Believe.' That should be a salve that takes the sting off the Grammy snub, no? The album may not have garnered him the industry gold that he wanted, but it went gold and beyond in terms of sales. The Beliebers stood by him as he made a bit of an artistic left turn, and rewarded him with this accolade and honor. His closest competitors in this category were Adam Lambert with 'Trespassing' and One Direction with 'Take Me Home.'

Biebs picked up 'Song of the Year' for 'Boyfriend,' which was the first single from 'Believe,' pulling in over 40 percent of the vote. The song was so critical since it demonstrated the smoother and more R&B direction the singer was going in. He was maturing and growing up, as a person, which required an accompanying development as an artist and a professional. The only track that came close to 'Boyfriend' in the poll was One Direction's crazy catchy 'Live While We're Young.'

Seems like The Biebs and 1D were going mano y mano for mulitple PopCrush Music Awards.

The Biebs also took home the Best Live Performer award. Well, when you puke on stage and keep going, it goes without saying that you are a consummate performer. He won the award by a narrow margin over One Direction -- AGAIN! -- who are pretty fly when they take the stage, as well. Perhaps The Biebs, who sold out much of his 'Believe' tour in nanoseconds, took the honor since he is a one-man show, while 1D have five guys shouldering all the responsibility and dividing the labor. The Biebs is a one-man wrecking crew.

Bieber's offstage antics resulted him winning the Biggest Headline. His flirtation with Victoria's Secret model Barbara Palvin, which reportedly lead to his split with longtime love Selena Gomez, was one of the most talked about and shocking headlines of the year, over major life event for other pop stars. You know, things like Whitney Houston's death, Blue Ivy's birth and Adele's pregnancy.

The singer's non-musical endeavor, his Girlfriend perfume, was also voted as Best Perfume in the overly crowded celebrity scent market. His second scent triumphed over Lady Gaga's Fame, Cher Lloyd's Pink Diamond and even his ex Gomez's self-titled fragrance.

It's safe to say that Bieber dominated the 2012 PopCrush Music Awards. His Beliebers were a dedicated and tireless bunch, casting their votes to push him to the top of the standings.

Did we mention he's also deserving of all these awards, thanks to his talent?