Next spring, Beliebers! That's when our hero Justin Bieber is planning to release his next album 'Believe.' While we have his holiday album 'Under the Mistletoe' to tide us over (read our comprehensive review here), The Biebs revealed to AMP Radio that he is actively working on his next full length, saying it could be out as early as next February or March. He also said he wants to follow a similar career trajectory of Justin Timberlake!

The Biebs, who has been working with a slew of A-list guests on the album, said he has a singular goal with 'Believe' and that is to "make something different." He said, "I want to step out of my comfort zone but I don't want to go too left, where people aren't going to get it and think, 'That's not him.' I want to keep me and step over here and try some other stuff."

That’s where the Timberlake model comes in. The Biebs continued, "Like how Justin Timberlake did 'FutureSex/LoveSounds.' I want to make something different like that. Not like him, but do my own thing." So The Biebs wants to pull off a similar artistic and creative feat, without copying JT's sound or style. It's a smart, calculated move on Bieber's part.

The teen heartthrob said there is no set time for the new release, but that he "will probably be releasing it in February or March. " Only a couple songs are finished, but he will be recording from now until then! He said, "I’m not taking a break. I’m slowing down. It's not a total break, but it's not 'Wake up at 7 doing interviews until 12 then do a show and then go back.'" He's been sleeping until 11 AM most days lately -- lucky him!

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