As anyone's who's seen 'Saturday Night Live' in the past few seasons can tell you, Justin Timberlake has a healthy sense of humor. He stopped by the 'Today' show on Oct. 27 to promote his new movie, 'In Time,' and to play some mind games with host Matt Lauer.

When Lauer marveled at Timberlake's multi-platform talents, Timberlake was humble and likable as ever. "My idols are Sinatra, Dean Martin and Gene Kelly, people like that," Timberlake said. "I always admired that they could tell a joke, sing a song, make you laugh and make you cry."

In the interview, Timberlake mostly makes us laugh. Lauer launched into Justin Timberlake Trivial pursuit, giving the 'In Time' star 60 seconds to answer questions about himself. When asked about Emmys, 'Star Search,' 'The Mickey Mouse Club,' 'Saturday Night Live' and his zip code, Timberlake passed with flying colors. However, when presented with the daunting tasks of finishing an 'N Sync lyric or recalling how long 'No Strings Attached' was on the Billboard charts, Timberlake stumbled.

Not to be defeated, Timberlake struck back and asked Lauer his own questions about Lauer's life and career -- and he didn't make it easy on his host. Lauer got  "Not as good as I thought you were going to do," Timberlake said. No kidding -- Lauer only got one question right!

Check out the charming, chuckle-worthy interview below. You may know Justin Timberlake better than he knows himself!

Watch the 'Justin Timberlake Trivial Pursuit' Video