September is finally here, and that means school is officially back in session throughout the U.S! And what better way is there to get you in the mood to jump into the new academic year than some inspiration from our K-pop idols abroad?

While school uniforms make frequent appearances in Korean music videos, school settings are a bit rarer. But no worries! PopCrush has you covered with a few educationally themed K-pop music videos to get the new school year started right.

“Ah,” After School
There’s nothing innocent about the classroom love going on in After School’s debut track “Ah,” where the original members of the transitional girl group spend the majority of the video drooling over their teacher. School uniforms, locker room makeovers, and a bright pink Jeep that would make Barbie jealous complete the over-the-top depiction of what high school is all about.

“Heart Attack,” AOA
Varsity teams, classroom romances... what more can you want from a new school year? How about Seolhyun as a new student and bff? For any scholastic athletes, the ladies of AOA coming together as teammates to defeat their rival—in this case ex-member ChoA’s crush—in a game of lacrosse will definitely resonate, and maybe even motivate you to get out there and win your next game. (And maybe get some of those cute uniforms!)

“Never Give Up,” B.A.P’s Bang Yongguk and Zelo 
Before B.A.P’s formal debut, some of the members had a bit of fun releasing the bubbly "Never Give Up," a motivational song built specifically to cheer up students as they go back to school. The music video, filled with members of Secret and B.A.P, depicts young romance and students fleeing their classrooms for an impromptu pep rally.

“N.O,” BTS
One of BTS' first moments as K-pop social innovators came with "N.O," a song and music video all about the dangers of formulaic education being shoved down students' throats without leaving any room for creativity. The fascist-style teaching system depicted in the music video paired with the song's questioning lyrics ("Who made us a study machine?" asks Suga. "It's either the number one or a failure...") didn’t sugarcoat the hardships Korean students face under the weight of expectations to get into the best colleges and workplaces they can. While a bit grim, it’s a good reminder that good grades aren’t worth the cost of happiness and your own dreams.

“Man In Love,” INFINITE
While many K-pop music videos are aimed at teenagers, INFINITE's "Man In Love" was age-appropriate for its members, featuring the seven men in a variety of workplace and secondary education environments. Who hasn't been like L and daydreamed about romance in the middle of a lecture hall? (Just don’t get kicked out.)

Bonus: Also check out B.A.P’s “Stop It” for a similar collegiate setting.

“Candy Jelly Love,” Lovelyz
Going full on high school, Lovelyz debuted with the saccharine "Candy Jelly Love," which depicted the girl group in a variety of school settings and wearing different uniforms as they acted like the average student dreaming about a candy-like romance while going through regular classroom activities.

Bonus: Also check out GFriend’s “Glass Bead” for a similar theme.

“My First and Last,” NCT Dream
Having your first high school crush on your teacher isn't the best idea, but NCT Dream makes it look endearing. Classroom settings, uniforms, and choreography that incorporate the painted lines of a traditional basketball court makes the youthful video all that more fun to start off the new scholastic year with.

 “Face,” Nu’Est
While Nu'Est's seen a resurgence in popularity thanks to Produce 101, it was their anti-bullying song and music video from "Face" that had everyone talking about the group when they first debuted. (Okay, and Ren’s agendered appeal.) A darker, more wild school environment than many other K-pop videos, the band comes together to support one another against vicious classmates.

“Go Crazy Because of You,” T-Ara
Everyone’s zoned out of class at one time or another, and T-ara takes it a step further than the norm with this dream-induced classroom fantasy. Odd 3D glasses-enhanced uniform attire aside, the video finds the women strutting their stuff as Eunjung passing the time snoozing instead of studying, which many a student can relate to.

“Like Ooh-Ahh,” TWICE
While school may feel like it could lead to your destruction sometimes, TWICE’s zombie-filled music video takes that notion a bit literally. The group’s debut music video sees the nine women decked out in sporty uniforms and athleisure as they evade dystopian stalkers in a run-down school building and bus.

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