Because "Perfect Bitch" wasn't enough, Kanye West penned another track about Kim Kardashian — and now it's available to stream online.

While "Awesome" — which Yeezy performed at the 2013 Met Ball — is a more family friendly title than "Perfect Bitch," it still sees 'Ye delivering customarily boastful rhymes: "You don't need to listen to your manager / You're too hot for them to handle ya," he spits. Then after spending more than two minutes singing about Kim K.'s awesomeness, he offers: "I'm awesome also." Oh, yes.

The heavily auto-tuned track, which starts with horror-movie organ better fit for the opening of the Halloween movies or Super Mario dungeon levels, is a mix between self-assured machismo and surprising sweetness — kind of like Kanye himself.

While we're well aware of the star power of Kimye — something Kanye references throughout the song — the best parts of the track are when he lets his guard down and allows his emotions to flow.

"Yeah, I'd rather do nothing with you than something with somebody new," he sings. Another one of our favorite endearing lines? "'Cause baby you're awesome / Don't let nobody bring you down." Aw! We're totally digging the "Only One"-esque lyrics. Family Kanye is our favorite Kanye.

What do you think of Kanye West's new ode to Kim Kardashian? Listen to (a slightly pitched version of) "Awesome" in the video above.

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