Oh, Yeezy. We realize he is on a quest for great art, but this is not it! Kim Kardashian shared a photo of her Christmas present from fiance and baby daddy Kanye West.

Here's the good: It's a custom, one of a kind Hermes Birkin bag. These bags run about $10,000 on the low end.

The bad? He had it hand-painted by highly respected and regarded artist George Condo, but it looks like the work of a kindergartener. We think their daughter, North, who is six months old, could have fingerpainted a better image. It's naked women with monstrous teeth, flashing their nipples. Perhaps his work would've looked better on a different canvas.

Kim deserves a better gift, but more importantly, a Birkin deserves better treatment. Good luck finding something to match that mess, Kim!

Kim captioned the share: "#HandPaintedGeorgeCondo #HermesBirkin #OneofOne #ChristmasPresentFromYeezy."

A comment left by one of her followers summed up our thoughts: "I could of done a better job with my left foot." Yeezus would probably argue that we just don't "get" or appreciate high art, but just because an artist painted it doesn't make it high art.

For the record, we didn't approve of Lady Gaga scribbling on and disfiguring her white Birkin in 2010, either. A pic of that fashion crime is posted below the pic of Yeezy's Birkin sacrilege.

Kim's Birkin.

Gaga's Birkin.

Koichi Kamoshida, Getty Images