This past weekend Kanye West played a selection of tracks from his G.O.O.D. Music compilation 'Cruel Summer' for New York clubgoers. One of the songs that got the most attention had the refrain "My perfect b----." Well, Yeezy finally cleared up what the song is about on his Twitter page.

The Throne rapper posted on his timeline today (Aug. 7) that the song is called 'My Perfect B----' and it's about his new ladylove Kim Kardashian. "I wrote the song Perfect B---- about Kim," he announced in his tweet.

According to an ear-witness, the song talks about how Yeezy found his true soulmate in Kim. The track also features a sample of German composer Carl Orff’s 1937 composition 'Carmina Burana,' which Nas and Diddy also lifted for their anti-hater anthem 'Hate Me Now.'

Followers of West replied back with enthusiasm over song's title 'My Perfect B----.' "How romantic," wrote one fan, while another tweeted, "You are too sweet, Kanye, you make the rest of us look bad!" Uh, okay?

We know that in the lexicon of hip-hop, the word b---- has several different meanings. Some would say it's an affectionate term to call a woman, while others believe it's a derogatory word for women in any context -- good or bad. And since hip-hop is such an influential art form, critics will argue that West's song will give young female teens the false impression that it's okay to be called a b---- by someone you love.

We don't know how Kim feels about the rap ballad(?), but we're guessing that she might take it as a compliment and negate any disparaging connotations about the song.

So we have to ask you this question. Is Kanye West's song title 'My Perfect Bitch' derogatory to women? Tell us in the comments below.

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