Where is Kate Middleton?

That's the question on the collective internet's mind, so naturally, people are running amok with conspiracy theories.

One of the wildest theories? Some people are convinced Princess Kate has gone into hiding to recover from a BBL, a.k.a. Brazilian butt lift.

"Kate Middleton hasn't been seen for about 2 months now," one person joked on Twitter/X with an attached screenshot of the recovery time for a BBL surgery.

Someone else took the joke into unhinged territory with a post about King Charles supposedly being Kate's BBL donor.

Someone else created a crossover by referring to the recent viral Willy Wonka scam experience in Glasgow, where attendees were allegedly served a cup of lemonade and a jelly bean.

Some have even thrown a possible buccal fat removal procedure into the ring.

On the other hand, many people have theorized that Kate could be staying out of the public eye to let a bad haircut grow out.

One person suggested enlisting the Swifties (Taylor Swift's fan base) to get to the bottom of the mystery once and for all.

In reality, on Feb. 27 the palace released an official statement about Princess Kate's whereabouts with regard to her recovery from an abdominal surgery.

"The Princess of Wales continues to be doing well," the palace said in a statement, per Newsweek. She was reportedly discharged from The London Clinic at the end of January.

They also called the wild speculation about her whereabouts "ludicrous."

Meanwhile, Prince William increased speculation after he pulled out of an appearance at a memorial service for Greece's King Constantine II, who passed away in January 2023.

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According to Vanity Fair, Prince William had been scheduled to deliver a reading at the service as King Constantine was his godfather and a close friend of King Charles. However, he backed out due to "personal reasons."

The outlet also reports Princess Kate is recuperating at Adelaide Cottage at the family's Windsor Castle estate and that little is known about her surgery, other than that it was noncancerous.

In the meantime, see more hilarious Kate Middleton conspiracy theory tweets, below:

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