It's been a tough month (and year) so far for Katy Perry. Just this week, she's been dealing not only with her split from husband Russell Brand, but also with an outspoken -- and possibly bigoted -- father. The girl needs a break, and she's taking one. Perry announced today that she's nixing her first post-divorce appearance at the People's Choice Awards.

Perry broke the news via Twitter to her fans, writing, "Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the People's Choice Awards. I want to thank u all for voting for me, fingers crossed! #KATYCATS" Perry didn't offer a reason for the cancellation, but it's pretty clear that she needs some time to clear her head. Based on their reactions to her breakup, they're probably as bummed not to see her as she is not to be there.

Earlier this week, it was rumored (and then debunked) that Perry may have banned now-ex Brand from the ceremony. It's unfortunate that she's missing the show, because the 'California Gurl' is up for seven awards, including Favorite Female Artist, Favorite Pop Artist and Song of the Year for 'E.T.,' her duet with Kanye West.

Perry has been keeping an uncharacteristically low profile since Brand filed for divorce. After her Twitter account was silent for a week, she wrote yesterday, "I am so grateful for all the love and support I’ve had from people around the world. You guys have made my heart happy again.”

Sounds like our girl just needs some more time. Maybe this is a good time for her girls trip with bestie Rihanna!