Katy Perry unleashed her roller coaster ride of a music video for "Chained to the Rhythm" on Tuesday (February 21).

In the clip, Perry attends "Oblivia," a twisted Tomorrowland-like theme park that, despite the cotton candy colors and retro-futuristic themes, brims with a sense of faux utopian  pleasure like some sort of dark, demented Disney World.

Watch above.

"Welcome to Oblivia, where everything is always rosy..."

Katy Perry dropped the George Takei-narrated teaser for her forthcoming "Chained to the Rhythm" video late Friday night (January 17).

While the pop star doesn't appear in the clip herself, the viewer is introduced to the world of Oblivia, a theme park where nothing is as it seems (attendees can ride the "Great American Dream Drop" and run in circles on the "Hamster Wheel") and where willful ignorance is bliss.

Everything is pastel and candy-coated in Katy's utopian park, but much like the song suggests, there's something sinister at work.

Watch up top. The "Chained to the Rhythm" video premieres February 21.

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