Katy Perry is getting literal with her rumored next single. In her lyric video for 'Dressin' Up,' the words take on a life of their own via clever graphics and animation.

The track is dedicated to roleplay in the boudoir, and the text does its own version of the moves. When Perry sings about Lolita, the 'O' resembles the titular character's heart-shaped glasses. When she speaks of nurses, the words don a cap with a red cross. When she gets to the chorus, the words are bolder, pulsating and pressed against a lacy backdrop.

'Dressin' Up' will likely be the singer's second single from 'Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection,' coming hot on the heels of No. 1 smash 'Part of Me.' In addition to those two tracks, another new song, 'Wide Awake,' is on the album. A megamix of her six No. 1 hits from the original 'Teenage Dream' is also featured on 'The Complete Confection.'

Considering how much fun the lyric video is for this song, we can only imagine what Perry has up her sleeves for the actual vid!

Watch Katy Perry 'Dressin' Up' Lyric Video

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