Kanye West has become known for his outlandish remarks and behavior, so it was only natural for Katy Perry to recruit the rapper for her newest interstellar single, 'E.T.'

Although 'E.T.' marks the fourth single that Perry has released off 'Teenage Dream,' this version does not appear on the album. The sexually-driven single definitely strays from the bubble-gum pop ('California Gurls') and love songs ('Teenage Dream') that we are used to seeing from the songstress.

'E.T.' starts off with an eery drum pounding, which then leads into West's down and dirty rap intro. The song's lyrics are centered around a love affair that is out-of-this-world. West raps,"I got a dirty mind / I got filthy ways / I'm tryin' to bathe my ape / In your milky way." Behind West's sexual lyrics is a steady rhythmic drumming coupled with a electronic, strobing sound.

After West sets up the tone of the song, Perry comes in with the first verse singing, "They say be afraid you're not like the others, futuristic lovers / Different DNA, they don't understand you." After Perry sings the hook, "You're from a whole other world / A different dimension," the already infectious beat picks up as Perry goes into the chorus. With her voice raising an octave, Perry sings, "Kiss me, k-k-kiss me / Infect me with your love, and fill me with your poison / Take me, t-t-take me /Wanna be your victim, ready for abduction."

As the song goes on, more and more sexual imagery having to do with space and otherworldly beings comes into play. West re-enters the song towards the end, rapping, "Tell me what's next / Alien sex / Imma disrobe you / Then imma probe you." With it's catchy, intoxicating beat and superhuman lyrics, this new version of 'E.T.' will undoubtedly abduct and entice your senses.

Listen to Katy Perry, 'E.T' Feat. Kanye West