It looks like Carly Rae Jepsen created the best karaoke song ever. After a lip synced video from Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and famous friends, Katy Perry is the latest star to hop on the 'Call Me Maybe' bandwagon.

Partying by a pool with friends, the purple-haired singer and her group mouthed the lyrics to the sugary hit. Based on Perry's now infamous see-through dress and an announcement during her sign off, the clip was shot at Coachella 2012. Perry alternately is in front of and behind the camera, dancing and goofing around. At one point, we can hear her singing the lyrics, "So bad!"

Perry then takes to directing the action. "Slow motion!" she instructs a friend who's miming the song's violins on an oft-abused inflatable monkey. While most of her pals aren't too recognizable, we are graced with her BFF Markus Molinari towards the video's end.

In case it seemed like Perry and Co. were mocking Jepsen and her cohorts, fear not. Perry closes out the clip with a dedication: "We love you Justin Bieber!"

Watch Katy Perry + Friends Sing + Dance to 'Call Me Maybe'