Things just keep getting better for Katy Perry. She's got a new No. 1 album and a monster hit single -- and now, she is officially the most popular person in the entire Twitterverse!

With a whole new bunch of Katycats wanting to read whatever their favorite star roars, Katy has taken the title of the Most Followed Celebrity on Twitter from its previous title holder, Justin Bieber. Guess this is just making Biebs' bad day that much worse!

As of this afternoon (Nov. 4) Katy's tally of followers was 46,557,415, just slightly above Justin's 46,524,221. Beliebers helped their man grab the title from Lady Gaga in January of this year, so it seems a fair turnaround. Ma Monster remains in third place, with 40,406,734 followers.

Justin and Gaga shouldn't feel too bad, though: They're both still ahead of President Barack Obama (39,311,819 followers)!