The world has been wondering if Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are back together for the better part of 2018. The two were spotted together in the Maldives in January, the pop star was seen wearing a onesie with her ex's face printed all over it in mid-March, and then dedicated a song to "bubbadoo" during a show in Tokyo later that month, which Bloom attended. Now, we have another piece of evidence.

During an American Idol red carpet interview with Entertainment Weekly on Monday (April 23), Perry was asked if she'd ever date a contestant.

“No, I’m sorry I have been spoken for and speak for myself,” Perry said to ET, adding, “And I’m very happy!”

"You're spoken for right now?" interviewer Lauren Zima clarified, to which Perry replied, "Yeah, girl, of course I am!"

Although she did not explicitly say she's back together with the Pirates of the Caribbean star, she did give fans a little hint. "Are you a Mrs. Broom?" Zima asked, referring to an Instagram Story Perry posted earlier in the day of her holding up a picture of her ex holding a broom, captioned "Orlando Broom."

"No, I'm not a Mrs. Broom," the Idol judge said before winking at the camera.

So, either the couple is definitely back together or Katy Perry is trolling everyone HARD, and either way, we love it.


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