Katy Perry performed the brand new 'Prism' track 'By the Grace of God' as she closed out the iTunes Wireless Festival (Sept. 30). It was quite an emotionally rich rendition and it's clear that the song means a lot to the singer.

Perry prefaced the song by saying that it was the first song that she wrote back in November 2012 for the 'Prism' sessions. It's another song about pulling herself up by her boot straps and carrying on despite all that the world (or her ex-husband) throws at her.

We can't help but wonder if her ex-hubby Russell Brand had something to do with inspiring the song.

Perry, wearing a black leather and fishnet stage costume, with her black hair pulled off her face and her eyes, was brimming with emotion. Still, she commanded the stage, with just a piano, her voice and some backup singers.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have Katy and a power ballad. Given Perry's well-documented Christian faith, it's not a shock for her to pen a song about the grace of God pulling her out of the hole.

PopCrushers and Katy Kats, what do you think? Do you like this latest taste of new KP?