Pimping ain't easy, but planking is, especially when you are pop diva Katy Perry and you can do it on a yacht!

While many of you dear readers might not remember grunge god Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam fame unintentionally planking during the band's now-iconic MTV Unplugged performance, we do. It was nearly 20 years ago, but today's pop stars are feeding this craze to phenomena levels.

The lovely and talented Perry is the latest star to strike the pose and to plank like she means it. But Perry isn't planking on a stool or some other vertically protruding object. She's planking on a yacht, of all things. Planking is the new 'Teach Me How to Dougie' in the pop culture universe and Perry planks in style.

Perry tweeted a photo of herself planking on the Fourth of July at the #plankingonthe4th hash tag. Maybe she just wanted to show off her itsy-bitsy teeny weeny black-and-white polka dot bikini, her shapely derriere and her new flame-hued hair? Or maybe she just needed to plank because it's silly? Hey, at least she was willing to share some of her holiday memories with fans.

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