Katy Perry debuted the first advertisement for her latest perfume, Royal Revolution, on Instagram today (July 1).

The pop star revealed the fragrance’s design by sharing the ad with the caption, “AYO! Today I’m unveiling my new #RoyalRevolutionad! Hope you likey BB’s. Look for it in stores this summer…”

In the photo Katy is decked out in a navy and gold, military-style dress with a matching headdress, looking cool and regal as she holds a fencing rapier in one hand and leans on a suit of armor with the other.

The perfume itself is also a pretty shade of blue, topped with what looks like a silver crest. The bottle matches her two other royal-themed perfumes, Killer Queen (in a red and gold bottle) and Killer Queen Oh So Sheer (in a purple and gold bottle).

According to Katy’s official fragrance website, the perfume has an “irresistible floral fragrance … with notes of pink freesia, mystical blackthorn, jasmine and vanilla orchid.”

We’re not sure what makes a flower like blackthorn mystical, but it’s got a cool ring to it!

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