Katy Perry reportedly received a tiger as a wedding gift from Russell Brand, but now that the couple have split, the future of the feline is unknown.

According to E! Online, the female tiger is named Machli, but Perry's reps would not confirm whether Brand actually gifted the animal to his then bride. Still, OK! magazine reported that Machli was indeed a present for the 'Teenage Dream' singer, but the tiger would live at an animal reserve and Brand would pay for some of its care.

E! adds "there does appear to be an aging tiger named Machli" living at Ranthambore National Park, where the famous couple were married. The park is also a tiger reserve. But, will Machli be a part of the divorce settlement? Probably not. Judging by what is known of the animal, she was likely more of a symbolic gift than a true marital asset.

Still, Perry may be forced to fork over a large sum of money to her soon-to-be-ex-husband. Since the couple did not sign a pre-nuptial agreement, California law dictates that Brand is entitled to half of his wife’s fortune. The British comedian could potentially receive nearly $31 million from the divorce, sans tiger.