Katy Tiz burst out with, well...a bang last year with "The Big Bang" (ah-HA!), and now she's whistling her way right back into our ears.

The rising singer's been hard at work (whistlin' all the way, of course) her way all around the country at the top of 2015 to promote her current single "Whistle (While You Work It)," an infectious slice of peppy, clap-happy pop. The song's been steadily climbing on pop radio in the past few months, and the singer's been keeping that momentum going by supplying a bunch of different renditions and remixes of the fresh, feel-good song.

The latest take on the track? A remix featuring prolific Jamaican reggae troupe Inner Circle and none other than Shaggy — yes, that's "It Wasn't Me" Shaggy — which adds a relaxed, well-timed reggaeton touch to the track in time for the impending summer season.

"Tomorrow is another day so ever give up or take your smile away," Shaggy sagely advices across the reinvented track, helping to drive home the overall uplifting message of the song: Whistle your way right through those tough times and smile while you're hurting, y'all.

"Reggae will always remind me of good times with friends and family in the UK. This song lyrically is really close to my heart and I'm very proud of this remix," Katy tells us of the track.

We're happy to bring you the premiere of Katy Tiz's "Jus' Whistle (While You Work It)" featuring Shaggy and Inner Circle.

Listen to the track up top, and let us know if it's got you whistlin' your way through work today too.

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