Shaggy is back — and he's ready to party!

The reggae singer recently performed his new single "I Need Your Love" at Club Vela in Florida during spring break, and the crowd was wilin', soaking up every note of the "It Wasn't Me" singer's latest jam.

In the exclusive premiere of the performance (which you can check out above), Shaggy gets the audience freaking pumped, strutting all across the stage as the wild crowd kicks it up about thirty notches, everyone singing along at the top of their lungs and just having a grand ol' time. (Seriously, where was our invitation?)

If there is one audience that wants to party, it's the spring break crowd. And if there is one guy who can get the people out-of-their-minds excited and ready to rock, it's the reggae-tastic Shaggy. (There's a reason he's been on every one of our playlists since the early 2000s!)

Check out the exclusive premiere of Shaggy's "I Need Your Love" performance in the video above. You'll be jammin' out, too!

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