Kelly Osbourne is known for her acid-tongued commentary as a fashion critic on E!'s 'Fashion Police.' On the 2012 Grammy Awards edition of the show, Osborne criticized (as opposed to trashing) Lady Gaga for skipping the red carpet this year. Her comment landed her in scalding hot water with Gaga's dedicated (and often ruthless in their reverence) little monsters. No one criticizes the Mother Monster and gets away with it.

Here’s what Osbourne said: "Being part of the music industry is walking the red carpet. You say hello to your fans and you give back to those reporters and those people who supported you. And when you go to an awards show and you don't walk the red carpet, I find that disrespectful." While we understand Osbourne's sentiments, realize that Gaga's previous red carpet antics at the 2011 Grammys consisted of her being encased in an egg, so it's not like she could top that this year.

That said, Osbourne's Twitter account was flooded with little monsters attacking her left, right and center for her words, which when placed in context, weren't exactly brutal or harsh. Osbourne surprisingly took time to respond to many of the comments, some of which threatened her with bodily harm. You can view all of the tweets by visiting Osbourne's personal Twitter page.

The gist of the tweet battle between Osbourne and little monsters was very back and forth. Osbourne even said she loves Gaga and is a huge fan, but instead got hit with comments about her breath, something about eating bacon out of her a-- and attacks on her family. To get an overall idea of some of the harsh words Kelly had to endure, she pretty much sums it up in this tweet, "I have been told to die, suck d--k, get raped & that i look like i have aids by @ladygaga fans no wonder they get called bullies."

Osbourne really opened Pandora's box with one rather innocuous comment and the monsters pounced.

What say you, PopCrush readers? Do you think Gaga's fans are taking this too far?