Dr. Luke's reign as CEO of Sony's Kemosabe Records is over, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Dr. Luke, currently in an ongoing legal battle with Pop Queen Kesha, no longer has authority to act on Sony Music's behalf.

The Hollywood Reporter also states there are unconfirmed rumors circling about a full split between Sony and Dr. Luke. No doubt, the company is distancing itself from the producer of many early '00s pop songs due to the allegations made by Kesha against Dr. Luke regarding sexual assault and abuse.

Among other requests, Kesha, whose fan-backed #FreeKesha campaign has made great strides on social media, has sought to be released from her contract with Kemosabe Records and Dr. Luke in order to move ahead with her music career. Lady Gaga has also publicly supported Kesha in her quest.

As for how the court battle will continue to play out and whether Dr. Luke will completely split from Sony? That's yet to be seen.

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