Kesha has been unable to release new music due to her ongoing court battle with producer Dr. Luke, but that hasn't stopped her from writing songs.

Speaking with Billboard -- who will honor her with their Trailblazer Award during their Women in Music event taking place later this month -- the "Die Young" singer opened up about her forthcoming new material, saying it "showcase[s] my vulnerabilities as a strength and not as a weakness."

Kesha continued, noting she no longer worries about whether or not listeners will enjoy her output.

"In the past, I always felt like I was trying to prove something," she said, driving home the point that her new approach to songwriting lends itself to greater authenticity and transparency on her end. "Now, I’m writing what I want to share with the world, rather than trying to give the world what it wants. For better or worse, I’m just me.”

Kesha -- who recently embarked on a small tour after being emboldened by the public support she's received from fans and celebrities alike -- reportedly submitted 28 songs to Sony's Kemosabe Records this past summer, indicating new music may well be on its way.

Sony Music released a statement back in October about Kesha's forthcoming musical output, noting "creating a new album takes time, and everyone’s goal is to deliver a high quality album consistent with Kesha’s past releases.”

They continued, saying, "We hope to share exciting new music with Kesha’s fans soon.”

Kesha’s lawyer, Daniel Petrocelli, however, also released a statement shortly after, hinting things weren't quite as far along as Sony made them seem.

"Kesha has been trying for six months to record and release new music. Only in the last month, after our last court hearing, has any progress been made, but it is hardly enough," he said. "Kesha still has received no commitments on promotion, songs, or even a release date…”

“We hope things turn around fast,” he added. “Meanwhile, Kesha intends to continue participating in the creative process in the hopes she can meaningfully return to work.”

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