UPDATE (10/27): It's been over a month since Kendall Jenner first sparked outrage among the oddly outspoken ballerina community for impersonating a dancer for Vogue, but she's finally addressed the minor controversy as though people were still checking for her response.

"It's so funny that people are getting pregnant and married—or having crazy drama—but my drama is ballerinas being upset at me!" she wrote on her exclusive app, according to Elle. "With my Vogue Spain shoot, I didn't even know I was going to be a ballerina until I went into hair and makeup."

"It confuses me how people can get that upset when there are so many important things going on in the world," she continued, taking a chapter out of elite squad member Selena Gomez's problematic book. "But, it's obviously not going to stop me from working hard and being me."

Kendall Jenner upset the prodigious ballerina community after she participated in a shoot for Vogue Espana, where she did exactly what the publication told her to do. The nerve!

According to several disapproving comments now littering Kendall's Instagram, the reality star's most egregious offense is in impersonating a ballerina, despite having zero dance skills herself.

One user commented on a photo of from the spread, writing, "The shoot was wrongfully appropriated. Dancers like Misty Copeland or Maddie Zielger could have been way more powerful and graceful."

Another dissenter made the point that, "you can seriously damage your feet if you haven't had the right training and you do it just because it looks 'cool.'"

Even Abby Lee Miller of Dance Moms fame reportedly chimed in, according to a screenshot taken by The Shade Room, writing, "I don’t make it a habit of commenting on all the dancers that post pics with incorrect technique. I would never get anything else done! But I cannot be a fan of this shoot. There are so many amazing dancers in the world…Kendall Jenner is not one of them! Shame on Momager Kris Jenner!!! She never made these kids take dance class. She better get North West to the @aldcstudiola before it’s too late!"

It is true that Kendall does not dance professionally or even well, and Vogue Espana could've chosen any other number of careers for her to emulate that might not have caused such a minor uproar.

But the worst offense of all comes from the video Vogue shot, where Kendall makes a slew of vague, declarative statements that the publication then spliced together in the hopes of creating a forcedly insightful monologue that is anything but.

"I had to grow up pretty fast, but I love being a kid," Kendall begins, before trailing off, "to run around like a child and just not care...I've always been super adventurous, so I love doing stuff like that."

"I don't know, stupid stuff," Kendall then answers, before we even have time to ask the question.

"I have a really weird sense of humor I think," she offers, less than a second later, entirely unprompted and with zero follow-up.

She then says the following few statements in succession: "Anything that has a good beat. I like to be around people. People with good energies lift mine up. I love walking around. Being able to be free. The good ol' days."

Hot ham water. Garbage. Silo. Pigeon sanctuary. Ghost. There appears to be no correlation between any of Kendall's quips. They are nothing more than empty platitudes and baseless, if also vaguely relatable, thoughts -- but again, this isn't Kendall's fault, unless she edited the video herself.

"I just want to continue doing what I'm doing, be around my friends and live a good life," Kendall concludes, ending the video on a positive note. "Who doesn't?"

Check out the video above and head over to Kendall's Instagram to experience the outrage for yourself.

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