Over the weekend, TMZ reported that while out dining with her boyfriend Ben Simmons in Los Angeles Sunday morning (August 5), Kendall Jenner's dog violently bit a little girl.

The original story was that Jenner and Simmons had the LAPD called on them following an alleged altercation between the model's dog and a little girl, who was eating brunch with her mother on the patio of the Beverly Glen Deli on Sunday.

Sources claimed that after the incident, Jenner and her boyfriend left the scene before the cops arrived, before the girl's mother could confront the couple.

However, new reports allege that the dog, a Doberman Pinscher who was harnessed, did not make physical contact with the young girl after all. A source claims that Jenner and Simmons did not leave the deli until they were certain the girl was not bit and that there were no injuries.

Meanwhile, divorce attorney Bob Cohen, who claims to be the grandfather of the 5-year-old girl at the deli, told TMZ today (August 6) that the dog did bite the child on the arm and that Jenner and Simmons did leave the scene before checking on the girl.

Cohen, who says his family has known the Kardashians for years, called the alleged behavior "the height of arrogance."

Jenner has yet to comment on the allegations.

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