Kendall Jenner recently wrote an op-ed piece for the Wall Street Journal's Feb. 2015 issue, and the result is something you might not expect. Acknowledging that she's spent her formative years thrust in the spotlight, she wrote, "I feel like I grew up too fast a long time ago."

But she goes on to credit her success as a model to her famous family and their strong work ethic, saying, "Having older siblings, you grow up around adults, so you mature more quickly. I saw my sisters and parents working everyday, so I was pretty much brought up to be a workaholic. But I just turned 19 a couple weeks ago, and I'm scared to be 20 -- it's the first step out of being a teenager."

She went on to talk about some advice her older sister, Khloe, gave her and her younger sister Kylie. Kendall wrote, "My sister Khloe always says to me and my younger sister, Kylie: 'You have your whole life to be an adult but only so long to be a kid.' And we get it. In the right situations, I try to be as immature as I can sometimes -- react to things as if I were 12. You can't take things too seriously." Sounds like the right attitude to have!

You can check out Kendall's full blurb over at the Wall Street Journal's website.

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