Kendall Schmidt of Big Time Rush is touring with his other band, Heffron Drive -- and his exploits on the road outside of BTR, as well as his transition to being a solo artist, will be chronicled in a feature-length documentary.

Producer Garret Grant, who worked on 'Justin Bieber: Believe,' will follow Schmidt, the hazel-eyed hottie, on his Heffron Drive tour, which runs through December.

"It’s awesome to have Garret along to document this crazy time in my life,” Schmidt said, according to Deadline. "It’s scary, it’s new, but it’s a really special moment, debuting Heffron Drive, heading out on tour and reuniting with all the amazing fans. It’s all I’ve ever wanted."

Schmidt is still a member of BTR – he is just doing other things. It's a smart choice on his part, as boy bands tend to have a shelf life and many of the members are not prepared for post-boy band life. Schmidt will not only be ready for it, but he's also going to have a film that recounts the process.