"I love designing watches for Casio, because they let me go a little crazy," Kesha said in the intro to her behind-the-scenes look at her photo shoot. The 'Tik Tok' singer definitely wasn't kidding. If her photo shoot styles are any indication of her watch designs, you can bet they'll grab attention from more than just people asking for the time.

Set to her song 'Animal (Billboard Remix),' K-Dollar-Sign-Ha models her Baby G line of watches along with some other seriously fierce fashions. Almost all of her looks are dramatic and completely different from one another.

In the first, her wild blond mane is teased beyond belief on top with a fishtail braid hanging low to one side, showcasing her semi shaved head. Her makeup is natural but, as is typical Kesha, features a hint of glitter, wild accessories and long, gold, talon-like nails. However, she makes sure the audience knows what she's there to showcase: "Sick a-- watch!" Donning a white and gold watch, she gushes, "I love this one!"

Her second style is probably the wildest, even by Kesha's own standards. Wearing what has to be either a wig or hefty amounts of extensions, Kesha sports bangs, Cleopatra-meets-Andy Warhol eyeliner and bright coral lips with Twiggy-style lashes. Her nails are bright, blinged out and sharp (just like her!). She rocks a ring on almost every finger and dons a black faux fur top (possibly from her own line), all contrasting with the white "sorta blinged out" watch she's modeling.

Next we see Kesha in the process of getting dolled up, including a scene of her getting her studs into her hair and close ups of some severely high platforms. Considering Kesha is pretty tall already at 5'9 -- her shoes, combined with the vertical stripes on her pants, made her look like a tall, glowing tower. We mean glowing literally, by the way -- her nails glowed in the dark!

Now that Kesha's designed watches, faux fur and t-shirts, her Animals can pretty much sport her looks from head to toe. All she has left to style is shoes!

Watch Kesha Behind the Scenes at Her Casio Photo Shoot