Kesha's semi-psychedelic video for 'Die Young' features the rebellious pop starlet, who really is the anti-pop star playing by her own rules, leading a cult of dirty, leather-clad men and women. While there's a lot of action going on, she's the centerpiece of a sexy romp with some of her charges.

We're treated to closes ups of Kesha's lips, her gold tooth and her "people" cavorting erotically. There's also plenty of clutch-your-chest, steamy images of the singer laying on a bearskin rug and getting busy with the boys. Rawr! Yet, it's still PG-13 and shouldn't have trouble passing any standards boards.

This cult is certainly free with its love, but we're not sure of its beliefs, as there is a pentagram in the background of the dance scenes. Food for thought!