Kesha's sexual abuse lawsuit against Dr. Luke has been put on hold after a California judge claimed a stipulation in their contract states that any legal disputes must be dealt with in New York.

Earlier this month, Kesha extended her initial lawsuit to her label, Sony, alleging that they knowingly "forced an abusive relationship" between her and Dr. Luke, despite being aware of the producer's "abusive conduct." And although a judge did agree to see Kesha's case first, it looks like a contractual provision will prevent it from being dealt with in California at all.

According to Billboard, because Kesha's lawsuit also deals with the business aspect of her issues with Dr. Luke and Sony imprint Kemosabe Records, she has to return to New York if she wants the lawsuit to continue. Part of the singer's claim alleges that the producer refused to renegotiate her contract, despite promising otherwise.

Los Angeles Superior Judge Barbara Scheper said, "Although plaintiff does not allege any cause of action for breach of contract she certainly does implicate the contracts and indeed asks the court to void them."

Kesha's lawyers claim that because Kesha did not willingly enter into her contracts with Dr. Luke the New York clause should be voided. Adding Sony as a co-defendant to the lawsuit was another attempt to keep the case based in California, as Kesha's lawyers state that her contracts with Sony don't include a New York contingency, but Judge Scheper is still putting the lawsuit on hold for now.

In other words, if Kesha wants to continuing fighting Dr. Luke, she'll have to head to New York to do it.