Kesha and Rihanna? On one song? That's certainly a collabo that would cause the world to stop spinning on its axis and make speakers implode. That's a whole lotta bad girl on one track, and we would absolutely love to see it happen.

Kesha hinted that she might duet with Rihanna on her new album by tweeting a photo of an older woman brandishing a piece of paper with the letter "R" on it. So why do we think it's RiRi?

Well, for one thing, it's written in the same style and script as the "R" that Ri uses on all of her album covers. It's fairly obvious that it's the Rihanna "R." Kesha's tweet asked the following philosophical question for the ages: "What's it all mean?"

Oh, Kesha, we know what it means. It means that our worlds would be slayed.

If these two hot-to-trot, dirty girls got together and did their thing on record, overseen by Dr. Luke, Kesha's right-hand man and producer, we'd lose our minds. We don't even need to hear it (yet) to know it'd be bada---!

What do you think PopCrushers? Do you think Kesha will partner with Rihanna? Do you think it'd be one of the hottest pop collabos in recent years?

Oh, and while you're at it, check out a snippet of Kesha's new single 'Die Young,' which the hellion previewed on a Tokyo subway.