Kesha has made no secret that she enjoys the company of men, and who doesn't enjoy the company of Johnny Depp?

K-Dollar Sign even exchanged a slew of of lusty looks with the legendary actor. Lucky girl!

"Me and Johnny Depp had eyeball sex at the benefit concert for Superstorm Sandy in Los Angeles," Kesha revealed of their time at PettyFest. "We never really talked -- we just had eyeball sex."

But lest you think that makes her a loose woman. "If men in music talk about sex, girls, strippers and partying, then why can’t I?" she sassed to Metro. "Just because I’m a woman, it doesn't make me a drunk or a slut."

As for what kinds of guys (besides, you know Johnny Depp)? "I don’t want a guy talking too much about their damn emotions," she said, echoing her sentiments in her 'Cannibal' track 'Grow a Pear.' "I get a little over that," she explained. "I just want a guy who has a big penis and a car."

Men, get in line!

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