In a new development with the Kesha and Dr. Luke sexual assault case, it looks like Kesha's mother, Pebe Sebert, is now countersuing Dr. Luke for causing emotional distress and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Accord to TMZ, Pebe is claiming that Dr. Luke raped Kesha in such a way "as not to be tolerated in a civilized society." She goes on to re-state what Kesha claimed in her original suit against the music producer, saying that Dr. Luke gave Kesha an unspecified date rape drug and then assaulted her. Pebe also claims that Dr. Luke allegedly spoke about getting girls drunk on a first date and then "f---ing them in the a---."

Pebe's suit continues on to say that Luke's 'Dr.' moniker comes from a reputation of his where he allegedly dealt drugs to artists in the music industry, specifically during his 10-year stint as a guitarist on late-night comedy show 'SNL.' She claims that her blood pressure rose to 265/180 while in therapy, and that she began convulsing -- causing her to be medicated.

News of Kesha suing Dr. Luke first broke earlier this year, when she first claimed the producer had verbally, physically and emotionally abused her for over 10 years. Dr. Luke responded by countersuing Kesha for extortion, claiming the initial suit is nothing more than an attempt by Kesha to re-gain control over her career.