If there was any doubt that Kesha is back with flying colors, watch this.

The singer performed her inspirational ballad "Praying" on The Tonight Show on Thursday night, off her first album in four years, Rainbow—which is available to stream now. A departure for an artist who's made her career with fun, high energy songs, it's a deeply personal clip that has already won raves reviews from fans.

Of course, Kesha still has a playful side, which she put on display while playing a game of "Password" with host Jimmy Fallon, Anthony Anderson and NPR's Terry Gross.

Meanwhile, Stephen Colbert busted out a recurring bit called "Big Furry Hat" on The Late Show. Donning a bug furry hat (duh), the host made outrageous proclamations about a wide array of totally unrelated topics... some of which were topical, and some of which were most definitely not.

On TBS, Conan O'Brien used the power of the airwaves to make Americans who may feel on edge about the crisis with North Korea sleep better with a "soothing lullaby." We don't know if it helped citizens catch some Zs, but we do know it lightened the apocalyptic mood.

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