Kesha goes back in time in her euphoric new video for "Learn To Let Go," a stomping, twangy pop-rock anthem about letting go of the past—or at least the traumatic parts holding you back.

"Been a prisoner of the past / Had a bitterness when I looked back / Was telling everyone it's not that bad / 'Til all my s--- hit the fan," she belts at one point. The "Praying" pop star also seems to reference her troubled relationship with producer Dr. Luke in one verse, singing, "Had a boogeyman under my bed / Putting crazy thoughts inside my head / Always whispering, 'It's all your fault' / He was telling me 'No, you're not that strong.'"

In the clip, which finds Kesha living out moments from her childhood through an old home video VHS tape, she jumps atop a large floral-pattern bed, stumbles upon a vintage Christmas tree from holidays past and takes part in a kitsch puppet show, each scene paralleling a real moment from her youth in the early '90s.

It's a poignant, joyful tune featuring an equally poignant, joyful video, and it perfectly captures the feelings of hope and catharsis that come with releasing one's demons and moving forward.

Watch below:

Kesha's new album, Rainbow, is due out August 11.

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