Kesha's back with a brand new track that's loaded with futuristic electronic noises, Kesha's upbeat attitude, and of course, alcohol. 'Shots on the Hood of My Car' takes us right into the heart of Los Angeles, where the 'Your Love Is My Drug' hitmaker is cruising the streets with her pals, taking shots at every stoplight.

At one point in the pop-tastic tune, Kesha makes a reference to the end of the world, adding what she would do if it actually happened. "Sometimes I think about it / The world was about to end / I call the people who have been there through the thick and thin / I buy a bottle of the finest scotch there ever was / And we can watch it blow into oblivion."

By the time the chorus rolls around, we're wondering where the singer is headed, and whether we'll love or hate this new track. "And we go down, down, down like shooting stars / In the night time, time, time while the world's still ours / We won't cry, cry, cry while the ending starts / We're going down, down, down on the hood of my car," she sings in her usual, autotuned way.

We love those carefree and fun summer nights, rolling around under the stars and getting into trouble, but not at the expense of someone's life. Don't drink and drive, kids! Safety PSA aside, this song is just ... Terrible.

The verdict? We hate it. 'Shots on the Hood of My Car' is boring, uninventive, and it's been done before many times over. In the end, there will only be one 'Your Love Is My Drug.'

Listen to Kesha, 'Shots on the Hood of My Car'