Kesha might create fun-filled, boozy party jams, but she is quite serious when it comes to the safety and compassionate treatment of animals. In the past, Kesha has defended baby seals against the horrific practice of clubbing and she has also been outspoken about wearing faux fur instead of the real thing. The singer's latest animal awareness PSA comes from Human Society International and addresses the cruelty towards stray dogs.

"I'm a street dog defender and I hope you will become one too. Most of us has seen them hiding under parked cars or running out of the way of traffic," Kesha says in the HSI promo. "Millions of stray dogs roam the streets looking for food, shelter and a kind hand. Mother dogs not only struggle to feed themselves, but also their whole litter of puppies. These dogs too often are treated like they're a nuisance, becoming victims to poisoning, electrocution, and shootings."

In the ad, visuals of homeless, starving and abused dogs are displayed as Kesha, who is a global ambassador for the HSI, speaks into the camera. Her song 'Animal' also plays in the background as she says, "Human Society International works with local organizations and governments in the developing world to create humane and effective animal control programs, putting an end to the ongoing cycle of cruelty towards these animals. Join us in being a voice for these dogs around the world."

After watching this PSA, it's impossible not to feel for these animals. If you want to learn more about becoming a street dog defender like Kesha, visit the HSI website.

Watch the Kesha HSI Street Dog Defender PSA

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