A new leaked track from our favorite party girl, Kesha, has surfaced, but 'Tease Me' isn't nearly as fun as what we've come to expect from the sleazy pop star.

We're hoping 'Tease Me' is a long-lost B-side and not a song she's recorded for a future album. The track opens with grinding synths that almost sound like motorcycles revving their engines, but it's mostly downhill after that.

If the robotic vocals aren't bad enough, the song is done in by an absurdly simple chorus. No one has ever confused Kesha's songwriting skills with those of Bob Dylan, but she's certainly capable of coming up with a more imaginative hook than this:

"Boys tease the girls, then the girls tease the boys / 24, day and night / Girls tease the boys, then the boys tease the girls / It's been all of my life / If you're gonna tease me, tease me, tease me / Go ahead and tease me, tease me, tease me."

While the line "Private dance like I'm Tina Turner" is clever, it's not enough to save the generic dance-pop track. Sorry, Kesha. We've heard 'Tik Tok' and 'We R Who We R,' so we know you can do better.

Thankfully, Kesha hasn't been performing 'Tease Me' on her global Get Sleazy Tour, which continues through September.


Listen to Kesha, 'Tease Me'