LMFAO's 'Party Rock Anthem' is/was the definitive, feel good hit of the summer of 2011. The momentum continues, though, as this dance anthem has received the North Korean treatment, with an online video makeover that has quickly gone viral. But it's not just viral. It’s global and political. Who knew that LMFAO and 'Party Rock Anthem' would transcend the limits of culture and language barriers?

The video has been reworked and repackaged as 'North Korea Party Rock Anthem ft. Kim Jong-Il' and it features real, live footage from North Korean military parades, as opposed to the original's loose-limbed shuffling and dancing. What makes this remixed video so chuckle worthy is how soldiers and Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Il are made to seem like they are lip syncing the lyrics. Oh, how anything is possible thanks to CGI and digital editing!

Overall, though, the message is that even heads of state are not immune to the infectiousness of 'Party Rock Anthem,' at least in a digitally created video. Everybody wants to have good time and lose their minds, even leaders of countries.

Watch the 'North Korea Party Rock Anthem ft. Kim Jong Il' Video