Kim Kardashian is known for a few things: Her reality TV roots, her hourglass figure and her long, flowing dark hair.

But after seeing pictures of her out in Paris, we couldn't help bit notice that she's made a big image change. Us Weekly shared photos of Kim's dramatic new look. The once raven-haired starlet now has platinum blond hair that barely grazes her shoulders.

Kim was out with husband Kanye West wearing a fashion-forward all-black outfit composed of leather leggings, slouchy booties, a long-fur trimmed coat and a black beanie, which her hair was tucked into during her March 4 appearance.

Vigilant fans spotted strands of platinum hair peeking out of the beanie and her makeover was confirmed when she debuted her new look in earnest today by stepping out sans hat.

Kim and Kanye are in Paris celebrating Fashion Week and a source told Us Weekly that Kim wanted to do something different in honor of the event.

While we are definitely used to seeing this star with dark locks, this isn't the first time she's lightened up her strands. She went lighter back in 2013 but quickly returned to her darker roots. Apparently, she wasn't completely happy with her decision as she took to Mobio Insider to complain that she was "so annoyed" after dyeing her hair dark.

We were pretty stunned when we saw Kim's new look, but we think it looks pretty great and can't wait to see what beauty statement she makes next.

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