Kim Kardashian hasn't been shy about showing her love for Kanye West. So when she wanted to commemorate their first year as a married couple, she filled her Instagram with never-before-seen photos that not only recount the day they tied the knot but also are adorable moments that we haven't seen from the couple till now.

Soon after the couple said "I do" on May 24, 2014, black and white pics from the wedding's photo booth were quickly posted online. And while we saw a number with Kim and Kanye in them, we haven't seen ones just showing the couple. But it seems Kim was waiting till their first wedding anniversary to share them. From couture shots where the couple looks away to ones where the two are kissing, the images show the sillier and more endearing sides of Kim and Kanye.

"I love this man so much! Happy Anniversary baby!" she captioned one of the photos.

Kim launched her trip down memory lane last weekend by posting photos from her bachelorette party in Paris.

"I will never forgets last year at my bachelorette dinner all of the speeches from all of my best friends that came to Paris to celebrate! I love you all so much!" she captioned one of the photos.

The she posted a number of pics from the brunch that took place at Valentino Garavani's 17th century residence outside Paris on the day before the wedding (May 23, 2014). Kim then posted photos from the festivities in Florence -- from the carriage ride to the reception to the moment everyone danced in the rain.

See all the photos and Kim's thoughts on her wedding week on Instagram.

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