Mad props to Jimmy Kimmel, who attempted to answer the question on every reality TV fan's mind: How well can Kim Kardashian diaper a baby?

Last night (Aug. 4), North West's mother appeared on the talk show, where she was challenged to a diaper-changing race. The rules were simple: Swap out as many diapers as you can in 90 seconds.

The audience cheered as Kim seamlessly changed her first baby's diaper. ("I'm already behind!" Jimmy lamented.) We were seriously impressed by both of their skills and calm demeanors. Clearly, changing diapers is familiar territory for both the reality TV star and the late night host.

One thing that did catch everyone by surprise? When Jimmy's baby sent a stream of water right into his face! (No worries, Kim saw what happened and preemptively dodged her own changing table.)

Which star won the diaper changing race? Who can claim bragging rights (and is the proud new owner of a diaper-clad trophy)? Check out the video above to find out!

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