If you thought that last night was all about Beyonce and her Lemonade, think again — this is Kim Kardashian's world, and we're just living in it. During the finale of Queen Bey's April 23 HBO premiere for her visual album, Kim posted a series of fifteen black and white photos to Instagram, many of them quite, uh, titillating.

While in Miami for the wedding of club owner Dave Grutman, a friend of the Kardashians, Kim shared an inside look of the festivities on her social media, posting a selection of racy, anatomy-baring pictures of herself, Kanye, Kourtney Kardashian (also in town for the nuptials), David Beckham, Elle Macpherson, and Larsa Pippen among other famous and fashionable pals.

From closeup shots of her cleavage to licking an ice cream cone, as well as her and Kanye's o-faces (an image that will haunt us), Kim's provocative photos — which she simply numbered "001" to "015" in the captions — have drawn the ire of the Bey Hive, who who are dragging the reality TV star for seemingly trying to steal Beyonce's thunder. Aside from commenting on her photos with insane quantities of lemon and bee emojis, fans have flocked to Twitter to tease the E! star:

While it's entertaining to watch the Bey Hive fall into formation so quickly in order to defend their queen, to be fair, Kim can post whatever she wants, whenever she wants... Then again, as Rachel Roy learned the hard way following Lemonade's premiere, timing is everything.

See some of Kim's sensual selfies below:

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