Kim Kardashian confirmed that she and Kanye West would be getting married in Paris this year. She did not confirm the exact date -- she only said "summer"-- but it appears that they have bumped their plans to wed to sooner than we thought.

Reports suggested that Kimye would swap vows in July, but the pair has reportedly pushed the date to May.

A source told Us Weekly that the duo's daughter North, who will turn 1 in June, will factor into the ceremony prominently.

"North will have a large role in the wedding," an insider shared. Hello, flower girl!

Kim and Kanye are also putting together a program of "lots of events leading up to the big day" so guests who travel all the way to the City of Light will enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Given her 2011 debacle (the televised wedding and 72-day marriage to baller Kris Humphries), Kim is understandably desirous of a small affair. But Yeezy is said to have taken the lead on the nuptials. The bride is only planning one dress change. We definitely look forward to the gown, that's for sure.