Long-ago friends-turned-enemies-turned-seemingly-reluctant-acquaintances Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton recently offered the world proof that miracles -- particularly at Christmastime -- do exist.

The reality stars posed together for a photo during an appearance at Kris Jenner's annual holiday party, marking the first time Kim and Paris have been seen together since reuniting in Ibiza for Riccardo Tisci’s birthday waaaaay back in 2014.

As Kim is currently still employing her much-needed and understandable social media break, only Paris shared the picture on Instagram, along with the caption, "Lovely evening celebrating the holidays with @KimKardashian."

For those of you unfamiliar with early-oughties socialite lore, here's a quick rundown on why this reunion is at all significant: Paris and Kim were often pictured together, making appearances at nightclubs and events throughout the mid-2000s. (Fans of Paris' hit reality show The Simple Life likely remember Kim's few cameos on the show as the hotel heiress' friend and sometimes-assistant.)

But the two ultimately drifted apart, as Kim became a household name big enough for her own show.

Things then turned nasty in the press, when Paris famously referred to Kim’s butt as “cottage cheese inside a big trash bag.”

But Kim later addressed the fallen friendship during a 2009 interview with Howard Stern, saying via PEOPLE, "I haven’t talked to her in a few years. We were good friends … It was just one time we didn’t speak again. I did speak to her once when she went on a radio station and said that my ass looks like cellulite in a trash bag or something, she did call me to apologize … cottage cheese.”

May 2016 be the year we all bury the hatchet.

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