While it's been talked about for months that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are looking to expand their family once again, a new report suggests that the road to another baby might be challenging for the superstar couple.

TMZ reports that Kim has been struggling with fertility issues -- and that for the past nine months, she and Kanye have been trying to give North a baby brother or sister, but nothing has worked so far.

The report adds that the reality star has allegedly been visiting doctors for most of the year, and she has been told that a second child would be a "long shot." She has been photographed visiting doctors at least once a month, and Kanye has accompanied her on almost every visit.

The same report also says that before North was born, Kim was also told that pregnancy would be difficult, but to the surprise of everyone, Kim did get pregnant with a healthy baby.

Per doctors orders, Kim has cut down on traveling and reducing her stress in order to make the process easier.

We can't help but feel for Kim, and we wish her and Kanye the very best luck in their journey for a second child.

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